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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Too Faced Primer & NYX 10 Color Palettes

Hello loves,

I've been checking in at Ulta & Sephora for the Urban Decay NAKED Palette for awhile now. Ulta won't get anymore til next weekend or the end of October. Went to two different Sephora stores & both told me they won't get anymore shipment til January?!? I really want it since I use those kind of colors & shades. I could create so many different smokey eye looks with it. I didn't know about it when it first launched out. So I did miss out =/. I only keep updated with MAC collections. I don't get to read through makeup forums as much. Specktra has too much going on...I think that's like brag central *sorry no offense*. MUA is kinda weird with their forums too, seems a lil unorganized. Temptalia's blog is probably where I need to check on for updates with other brands collections.

Anyways, went in to Ulta today to get the Too Faced Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Primer. I really needed some new eyeshadows for different smokey eye looks I had in mind. I already have a full filled 15 pan MAC palette with neutral & brown shades. I've been neglecting MAC eyeshadows lately. Maybe you guys can help me? I was checking out NYX's section. I was playing with their single eyeshadows & I love the texture of em & how pigmented they are. I really like it better than MAC sorta. Their singles are like $5-6.99 each? Then I looked down & saw the 10 color palettes for $9.99 & Buy 1 get 1 50% off sticker on it. I've seen some of these on blogspot before but I don't remember what or how the swatches looked like. I played & swatched with the Smokey Eyes & the Champagne & Caviar palettes. I fell in loveeee. I'm like perfect..I have 20 colors to play with until I get the NAKED Palette. Some of the colors look similar to some of the shades in the UD NAKED palette. Shoot why not..only $15 for these two palettes. I can't wait to try different looks with these. I think Imma have to go back & get some back ups. I wanna get one for my cousins & friends now. Great stocking stuffers =).

The Smoke Eyes palette

The Smokey Eyes Palette- Ahh these colors are soo sexy! Some matte & shimmer shades. Very velvety & smooth. Not too much shimmer, I like it. I would definitely use this with a primer or base for it to kinda show really good. Well the black and really dark shade is a bit chalky. Could be used for liner or applied wet on the lash line though. I don't mind the black shade not being a true black. I already have MAC's Carbon & Black Tied that I don't use often. I just like that this can create a soft or dramatic look. Warm or Cool toned too. Great for beginners *like me sorta =)* haha. I barely learning how to blend and do eyeshadows. It's hard working with my eyelids.

Champagne & Caviar Palette

Champagne & Caviar Palette- Pretty neutral colors. Perfect for soft daytime smoke! Nothing to complain about really. The colors reminds me of Too Faced Natural & Naked eye kit. I don't have any eyeshadows similar to this. My neutral MAC palette consist of more brown & bronze shades. So I can use some of these colors for an all over the lid or base & for a darker crease, I can just use some from the Smokey Eye palette =).

Hope this helped! Might not be a must habe for everyone but I'm not picky either. I usually try to make whatever makeup work on me. All about blending and really good primers! IMO. I used to be a MAC snob, but Im just giving drugstore brand a chance. If it sucks..I wouldnt bother raving about it. I like finding good deals. Beauty on a budget...it's hard to keep up with an addiction to makeup & such!


Too Faced Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Primer- I have a thing for primers. I use Victoria's Secret PRO FX & Bare Escentuals Prime Time. I have Smashbox Photo Finish too...still halfway full & I find myself not reaching for it at all. Stupid pump stopped working. 2nd time that's happened to me.

I was given a sample of this at Sephora last week. I tried it & fell in love with it. LOl I fall in love with everything the first time..until I find a better hmm love =). I feel like a primer cheater! Anyways, I really like how this stuff feels. So freaking smooth. A lil thick, but as you rub it off it's not so thick or heavy feeling. Doesn't feel greasy. After I applied it, my face looked very silky smooth without any foundation on. Pores looked smaller too. I wouldn't put too much on or else it might be hard to blend your concealer or foundation in. I've read reviews & I think some applied too much of it. It is thick & not slippery, so people might think they need more than they really do. $30 for 1 oz though...that's the only thing that sucks about it. It's a lil pricey. Its like a better version of Loreal's magic perfecting base primer though honestly. I didn't really like that stuff though. I'm not sure if I will repurchase this. All primers are expensive though. I would invest in a primer since it really does help on how your makeup application goes. So we'll see til I run out I guess.

Next primers I want to try are the UD de-slick one, Rimmel's, & Hard Candy Sheer Envy. Have you guys tried any of these? What are you currently using for your face primer?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Jo, YOU make me blush hehe. To the Beach MAC goodies.

-Hipness Blush -Lazy Day Lipstick -Easy Lounger Lipglass

I ended up with Easy Lounger instead of Splashing l/g because I honestly liked that one better haha. Plus, I received it as a B2M lippie =).

Lazy Day is pretty light and sheer on me. I thought it was going to show up more like how it looks in the tube. At first, I thought it reminded of me Angel. I then put Hue on top of Angel & it was pretty close to Lazy Day. I did the upper lip with the Angel & Hue combo, then the bottom with just Lazy Day.

& of course Hipness babyyy. I loveee it. I think I want to go back and get another one. Still not convinced to get Marine's Life. It's one of those thing I want to have just because it's sold out everywhere else...everywhere else except for Parks mall MAC store & Dillard's MAC counter. I still have time to get it * I think*. So far I am going back to get Life's a Breeze lipliner.

Easy Lounger L/G, Lazy Day L/S, Hipness Blush

EDIT- So yes like I stated in my last post that I wouldn't be convinced to even get the Marine Life unless by of course Jo =). HAHA! Reason why is b/c we are the same skintone & I have most of the same blushes as she does. Imma be blush whore btw...so yeah.

OK Marine's Life was sold out at the MAC store. I called Dillard's to see if they sold out. They told me they had only TWO left. I told my sister to hurry and go during her break to go get it for me. She went & got the last one for me!!! =)

Marine Life Highlighter (um, more like blush.) Sorry I didn't take a swatch pic. I attempted to do one, but it ended up being a shimmy mess =(.

Yeah, not liking the over spray. I don't like anything that's shimmery or too much of a "glow". Sometimes, it makes me my skin look oily even when it's not *womp wompp*. I will have to apply this with a light hand or perhaps with the #188 brush *whenever I get it!* I can try with the 187 or 129.

For those who have it, what brush did you use to apply it with =)?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MAC To the Beach Collection

Excited Much? =).

Well I just know FOR SURE I'm getting my hands on the Hipness blush & Lazy Day lippie. Then probably go back for the Splashing lipglass & Life's a Breeze lipliner. I can only get two first because my bf is getting it for me. That's already sweet of him...don't wanna ask for anymore since he took me shopping today.

I'm actually not thrilled about Marine Life highlighter. I know I know...wtff right? It's a lil to orangey for me..but then again I have to see it in person myself OR wait for Jo to post about it and I'll probably be convinced..she has great taste in blushes and cheek stuff I tell ya.

I also don't want to get much because of the packaging. It's going to stand out in my traincase and make it look tacky haha. It's so going to bother me..if only it was PINK. Then again the packaging goes with the name of the collection .

Also going to go see Sex in the City 2 with my sister and my girlfriends. Ohh tomorrow better go by fast.

Is anybody excited? Or going to skip this collection? What do you plan to get? =)

OH BTW I have 6 B2M empties..can I get a lippie from the collection or ONLY the permanent ones?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

MAC Hue & Please Me Lipsticks

Left-Please Me*Matte*, Right- Hue *Glaze*

Left- Hue *Glaze*, Right-Please Me *Matte*

Friday, March 5, 2010

My first blog award =)

I was given this award by Lorraine =). How sweet of her. I just started to blog not too long ago. She inspires me!! Thanks so much! This means a lot to me . Very glad to join the make up blog community. I get to meet lots of talented & sweet girls!

1. Post the logo on your blog.
2. Pass it to 12 bloggers that inspire you.
3. Link the bloggers & let them know!

Bloggers that inspire me =).

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2.Cheryl- http://cherylsbeautyblog.blogspot.com/
3.Leina- http://makeupbyleina.blogspot.com/
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5.Meya- http://rockmebeautiful.blogspot.com/
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9.Crystal- http://makeupbycrystals.blogspot.com/
10.Samantha- http://saaammage.blogspot.com/
11. Holly Ann-AeRee- http://hollyannaeree.blogspot.com/
12.Cristina- http://barbieluvsmac.blogspot.com/

Be sure to check out their blogs loves!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Depotted some eyeshadows today.

^^hehe =).

I wished I would have known about just using the MAC Pro palettes before I bought POT form eyeshadows. Would've saved me a lot of $.

I didn't do it myself...my wonderful bf did =). We used the straightener method. The glue was kind of icky though. I figured out an easy fast way to get the glue off. Just pour a lil of alcohol onto a washcloth towel and move the eyeshadow pan around in circular motion until the glue comes off. It took forever using a q-tip LOL. My hand got tired and lazy...just ended up pouring some alcohol onto the towel and tadaa it worked.

I cannot wait for the new Spring & Summer collections to launch =)

I think being a big MAC lover is a bit stressing...having to keep up with the collection and worrying about it being sold out or not.

Thanks to Temptalia.com for the preview of the launches. It's a good way of having an idea of what you may want to purchase for that collection. Gives you heads up on saving $. That way I wouldn't have to worry about not being able to buy anything if I'm broke. I should already have $ saved by the time it launches haha.

Looking forward to the Give Me Liberty Collection next Thursday =).

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Smashbox Photofinish Primer / Victoria's Secret PRO Airbrush FX Face Primer SPF 2

Trying out my new MAC Shy Beauty Blush *Peachy-Pink ish*
I'm in lovee with it =). Ew ignore my upper-arm jiggles LOL.
-Fake lashes
-MAC Creme Cup lipstick w/ Subculture Lipliner
-MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC37
-MAC Blot Powder in Medium-Dark as setting powder
-MAC Espresso E/S on the brows *First time trying this color out*
-under the brow highlight MAC Ricepaper
-Too lazy to wear any eyeshadow on the lids

Smashbox Photofinish Primer / Victoria's Secret PRO Airbrush FX Face Primer SPF 2

I wouldn't know what I would do if I didn't have my foundation primer....

I found out about Smashbox Photofinish Primer thro
ugh makeup-alley reviews & Kim Kardashian's blog. I went out to buy the travel size at Sephora for like $17. I went home & tried it and MAN...my foundation went on SO DAMN SMOOTH. No lighter blotches or anything. Flawless. My mom even noticed how smooth and flawless it looked.

Of course you must apply moisturizer first. Wait at least a min then apply your primer on. Wait a min for it to try then the foundation.

I was very happy on the results & went ahead & bought the 1 oz bottle for $36. Pretty pricey....

I am now on my 2nd bottle.

Tell me why my pump doesn't work anymore?? There is more than half left & I have to scrape it out with a damn q-tip. Sucks.

My sister got tired of me complaining about her using up my Smashbox primer. I only need ONE PUMP..she uses wayy more than one pump. But anyways, she went out and bought the Victoria's Secret Pro Airbrush FX primer for only $ $14. It comes in .85 oz. A lil less than the Smashbox but HELLA cheaper.

I tried it out the next day & it works well as the Smashbox OIL-FREE primer. The pump still works lol.

I so wished Victoria's Secret came out with this before I bought the Smashbox one.

Next post will be on recommendations for Asian tanned OR yellow undertones or NC 37 NC40 NC42 skintone.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Currently Using

(Currently Using

TreSemme Healthy Volume

TreSemme Healthy Volume

Styling Products:
Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Harder Volumizing Hair Spray/ Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Spray Mouse
Conair Spirl Curl Iron/Revlon Hot Rollers

Shower Gel:
Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash

Victoria's Secret PINK Fresh & Clean


Lip Treatment: Philosopgy's Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Scrub

Clinique Exfoliating Scrub

Facial Wash:
Clinique Liquid Mild Soap

Clinique Moisture Surge/ Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

Smashbox Photofinish Primer

MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC37 *during Winter* NC40 *Summer* NW30 *With tan* applied with MAC #190 brush or MAC #187 Stipple brush

None at the moment.

Setting Powder:
MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC40 OR MAC Blot Powder in Medium-Dark

If I don't feel like wearing liquid/ I use Studio Fix Powder Plus in C40 *Winter* NC40&NC42*Summer/Tan*

Too Faced Bronzing Powder in Sun Bunny OR MAC Refined Golden

MAC Angel/Dame/Shy Beauty/Sunbasque/Blushbaby/Pink Swoon using MAC #168 brush OR Bare Escentuals Baby Kabuki brush

MAC Charcoal Brown e/s brushed on with an Ecotool brow brush.

Eyeshadow Primer/Base:
Urban Decay Primer Potion

MAC Blanc Type/Ricepaper/Nylon

(Smokey Browns:) MAC Mulch/Embark/Twinks/Sable/Mulled Cider/Tempting/Bronzer/Romp/Woodwinked/Espresso
(Smokey Plum/Purple/Pink:) MAC Sketch/Satellite Dreams/Cranberry/Plum Dressing/Shale/Swish
(Smokey Grey/Black:) MAC Smut/Print/Knight Divine

Revlon Colorstay in BLACK

Benefit Badgal Lash/ Too Faced Lash InjectionPin-point / MAC Zoom Lash --- Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler/ELF Pink Eyelash Curler

Lip Balm/Chapstick:
Rosebud's Lip Balm/ Carmex

MAC Blankety/Creme Cup/ Angel/Hue/Honeylove/Faux

MAC Subculture/Stripdown/Whirl

MAC C-thru or Too Faced Mood Swing