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Friday, March 5, 2010

My first blog award =)

I was given this award by Lorraine =). How sweet of her. I just started to blog not too long ago. She inspires me!! Thanks so much! This means a lot to me . Very glad to join the make up blog community. I get to meet lots of talented & sweet girls!

1. Post the logo on your blog.
2. Pass it to 12 bloggers that inspire you.
3. Link the bloggers & let them know!

Bloggers that inspire me =).

1.Natalie- http://nattyngeorge.blogspot.com/
2.Cheryl- http://cherylsbeautyblog.blogspot.com/
3.Leina- http://makeupbyleina.blogspot.com/
4.Kim- http://www.makeupbykim-porter.com/
5.Meya- http://rockmebeautiful.blogspot.com/
6.Lorraine- http://boobooah.blogspot.com/
7.Diana- http://dianasbeautycorner.blogspot.com/
8.Katrina- http://www.katrinalomidze.com/
9.Crystal- http://makeupbycrystals.blogspot.com/
10.Samantha- http://saaammage.blogspot.com/
11. Holly Ann-AeRee- http://hollyannaeree.blogspot.com/
12.Cristina- http://barbieluvsmac.blogspot.com/

Be sure to check out their blogs loves!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Depotted some eyeshadows today.

^^hehe =).

I wished I would have known about just using the MAC Pro palettes before I bought POT form eyeshadows. Would've saved me a lot of $.

I didn't do it myself...my wonderful bf did =). We used the straightener method. The glue was kind of icky though. I figured out an easy fast way to get the glue off. Just pour a lil of alcohol onto a washcloth towel and move the eyeshadow pan around in circular motion until the glue comes off. It took forever using a q-tip LOL. My hand got tired and lazy...just ended up pouring some alcohol onto the towel and tadaa it worked.

I cannot wait for the new Spring & Summer collections to launch =)

I think being a big MAC lover is a bit stressing...having to keep up with the collection and worrying about it being sold out or not.

Thanks to Temptalia.com for the preview of the launches. It's a good way of having an idea of what you may want to purchase for that collection. Gives you heads up on saving $. That way I wouldn't have to worry about not being able to buy anything if I'm broke. I should already have $ saved by the time it launches haha.

Looking forward to the Give Me Liberty Collection next Thursday =).