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Friday, May 28, 2010

Jo, YOU make me blush hehe. To the Beach MAC goodies.

-Hipness Blush -Lazy Day Lipstick -Easy Lounger Lipglass

I ended up with Easy Lounger instead of Splashing l/g because I honestly liked that one better haha. Plus, I received it as a B2M lippie =).

Lazy Day is pretty light and sheer on me. I thought it was going to show up more like how it looks in the tube. At first, I thought it reminded of me Angel. I then put Hue on top of Angel & it was pretty close to Lazy Day. I did the upper lip with the Angel & Hue combo, then the bottom with just Lazy Day.

& of course Hipness babyyy. I loveee it. I think I want to go back and get another one. Still not convinced to get Marine's Life. It's one of those thing I want to have just because it's sold out everywhere else...everywhere else except for Parks mall MAC store & Dillard's MAC counter. I still have time to get it * I think*. So far I am going back to get Life's a Breeze lipliner.

Easy Lounger L/G, Lazy Day L/S, Hipness Blush

EDIT- So yes like I stated in my last post that I wouldn't be convinced to even get the Marine Life unless by of course Jo =). HAHA! Reason why is b/c we are the same skintone & I have most of the same blushes as she does. Imma be blush whore btw...so yeah.

OK Marine's Life was sold out at the MAC store. I called Dillard's to see if they sold out. They told me they had only TWO left. I told my sister to hurry and go during her break to go get it for me. She went & got the last one for me!!! =)

Marine Life Highlighter (um, more like blush.) Sorry I didn't take a swatch pic. I attempted to do one, but it ended up being a shimmy mess =(.

Yeah, not liking the over spray. I don't like anything that's shimmery or too much of a "glow". Sometimes, it makes me my skin look oily even when it's not *womp wompp*. I will have to apply this with a light hand or perhaps with the #188 brush *whenever I get it!* I can try with the 187 or 129.

For those who have it, what brush did you use to apply it with =)?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MAC To the Beach Collection

Excited Much? =).

Well I just know FOR SURE I'm getting my hands on the Hipness blush & Lazy Day lippie. Then probably go back for the Splashing lipglass & Life's a Breeze lipliner. I can only get two first because my bf is getting it for me. That's already sweet of him...don't wanna ask for anymore since he took me shopping today.

I'm actually not thrilled about Marine Life highlighter. I know I know...wtff right? It's a lil to orangey for me..but then again I have to see it in person myself OR wait for Jo to post about it and I'll probably be convinced..she has great taste in blushes and cheek stuff I tell ya.

I also don't want to get much because of the packaging. It's going to stand out in my traincase and make it look tacky haha. It's so going to bother me..if only it was PINK. Then again the packaging goes with the name of the collection .

Also going to go see Sex in the City 2 with my sister and my girlfriends. Ohh tomorrow better go by fast.

Is anybody excited? Or going to skip this collection? What do you plan to get? =)

OH BTW I have 6 B2M empties..can I get a lippie from the collection or ONLY the permanent ones?