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Friday, October 7, 2011

September Favorites

It's been awhile since I've done a monthly favorite. I feel so bad and unorganized for not being on the blog roll. It is hard to keep up! I have some great news &but I shall share later. It does mean that I get to post more though =).

All pictures were taken by my Dell Streak 7 Phone. I still need a good camera. I suck at taking pictures & this is the best I can do for now =/ .

Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream - I love loveee this stuff. It is a dupe of Clinique's Moisture Surge. I used to use that, but I ran out & I don't think I can afford to pay full price every time I run out. I have very dry skin & I apply this before makeup application & at night as well. It gives a really cooling sensation & has a cucumber-like smell. My face feels "refreshing" afterwards. Most gel products makes my skin flake, but not this stuff. This is my "hope in a jar" =).  I am not sure if this works for oily combo skin. It's amazing on my dry sensitive skin! HTH!

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Skin Perfecting Primer- I just ran out of the original white bottle one. It was out of stock, so I went for this instead. I actually like this one better. It has a very nice consistency & kind of reminds me of Too Faced's Prime & Poreless Primer. It has a Vick's like scent to me, I really can't figure out what the smell is similar to lol. You only need VERY little of this, it is very silky and smooth. So easy to apply all over the face. I would let it dry for a min before applying concealer/foundation over it. It's super silky! I do plan on repurchasing, don't think I will go for the original again. You can get this at Wal-mart for $8-$9 ish.

Ben Nye Banana Visage Powder- Finally a setting powder that works on my asian yellow undertone skin without giving me a WHITE CAST. Thank youuu! I first heard about this through Kim Porter's makeup video on YT. I've read reviews that it was great for women of color or with olive skintone. The texture of this is fine & kinda corn-starch ish. I don't have a problem with that though. I like how it has a yellow tint, but not to where it changes any color on your face after setting over foundation. The finish is matte and light coverage I would apply this lightly to avoid the cakey look. A big fluffy or kabuki brush will do. I am so glad I finally ordered it. It was only $7 on Makeupmania.com This bottle will last me up to a year, how awesome is that? I use this to set my concealer as well. The only downside is that it comes in a shaker bottle, I like to pour some in my Bare Minerals jar for travel. So ladies you should give this a try, translucent powders like MUFE HD did not work for me at all =( 

Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish setting spray- Dream in a bottle. I have a thing for setting sprays. I've tried Elf's, Urban Decay, Evian, & MAC Fix +. I like all but I am very pleased with this. I own a small travel size bottle of UD All Nighter's spray & I ran out of it. I read that Skindinavia teamed up with UD, so basically the All Nighter spray is Skindinavia with UD label on it. Correct me if I'm wrong. I went to Skindinavia's website one day when I was bored. I decided to order the 8 oz of the original & 2 oz  sideof this one. 8 oz bottle was $28...which is double the amount of UD's bottle but for the same price -_- . So of course I went for Skindinavia, it's the same stuff lol. I added the 2 oz because they had a promo going for 20% off and free shipping of orders over $40. My order came out to be $46 something. Very fast shipping too. Anyways, sorry about the rant. The spray says "up to 16 hours". Oh yeah it sure worked. I took a nap and slept with my makeup on. I woke up with no smears, no shine, no need to blot or anything. Ever since I've been using the spray, I don't ever have to blot my face.As far as the no shine part, I wouldn't know. I have dry skin and rarely get oily on my T-zone. The only shine on my face was where I applied my highlighter *nose & cheek area. 

Maybelline Matte mousse foundation in Nude Light- I actually use this as a concealer. My dear friend Victoria uses this stuff & I love how bright her under eye is. I believe the concealer is discontinued, but the foundation isn't.  This will last me a very very long time. I say about a year or so seriously. I like to apply my other concealer before foundation but I use this one AFTER foundation for a better coverage. It blends like a dream =). Usually using foundation as a concealer doens't really work & would be too opague. 

See how bright her under eye area is? Loves it. Heavy duty concealer & Maybelline Mousse over FYI. She also uses MUFE HD set with MAC SFF Powder in case you guys are wondering. Her makeup is always on point!

Here's me using MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC30 with Maybelline matte mousse in Nude Light over set with Ben Nye Banana Visage.

Duo concealer brush from Walmart..no brand- This was $2.99 & of course I grabbed it. I like how one end, you can use to apply concealer & the other to blend & use to set. I didn't need to go out and get an extra #224 brush to blend my concealer! 

essencee Longlasting eye pencil in 10 Almost Famous- I've been on the look-out for a nude or pearly nude eyeliner since I don't own a MAC Chromographic or the Stila Topaz liner. I searched up dupes for it & found this on makeupalley. It is $1.99 at Ulta & I like to use this on my natural look days. It makes my eyes look bigger =).

Swatched with flash on.

MAC Powder blush in Cubic- This is a satin finish blush. MAC described it as a "Soft Muted Pink". It is a nice natural pinkish nude blush. Perfect for everyday look. Currently NC35 right now. I'm probably going to hit pan on this soon. When I was NC40-42 during the Summer, this didn't really show up on my skin. I had to pack it on. So if you are NC35 or lighter, this will show up on you!

L'oreal Lipstick in Fairest Nude & NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Beige- I finally gave in and went out to get this. OMG my ONLY favorite nude lippie. I don't think any of the MAC nude lippies I own look right on me. This doesn't wash me out & it's the perfect nudey pink. Very creamy & moisturizing and doesn't chap my lips at all.Drugstore too, what a great new found love for me. I sometimes pair it with NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Beige. It is not a beige color at all, muted pink actually. You can get both of these babies at Ulta. Love this lip combo & ESPECIALLY with MAC Cubic blush!

That's all for now dolls, do you own any of these beauties? How do you like it or which one would you like to try?


Mercedes said...

Fun stuff! Love your blog, just followed :-)

Unknown said...

Great favs and thanks for the heads up about the setting powder and the all night spray. I had no idea so now i'm def gonna order some to try!

Jillian said...

I want to get that Ben NYE Powder! I have the MUFE HD and I have to blend the crap out of it to avoid the white cast

Kim Axani said...

You and your friend are BOTH so gorgeous! Seriously knock outs!
I have the HC primer ... I don't find primers really affect my skin though ..I do like the bottle though! Have a great weekend!

Mara said...

I want the Ben Nye powder. Im in need of a good setting powder. Thanks for the recommendation. Oh and thanks for the mini review on the Skindinavia spray, I was 1 of the few who asked you on Twitter.

Gaby Fauchon said...

I love NYX Mega Shine lipglosses! So pigmented and amazing for the price!

M.W. said...

I love the garnier gel moisturizer too! my twitter is: twitter.com/mingiwoo

Disaster in your eyes said...

heyyy! try the loreal perfecting base! lmk what ya think. xoxo